Common Terminology

(some were stolen from ShadowRun)

CyberCash – Commonly known as Cybs or “CCs”, is the global currency. For comparison the cost of things are close to the cost in US dollars.

Shadow Runner – Someone that takes jobs for money and most of these jobs are illegal activity.

Fixer – A shadow runner has to get a job and the people that are best at it are called fixers. If you need a job done or want to get a job you talk to them first.

Mr. Johnson – When a larger corporation wants to get a job done, they send one of their representatives. This person is always named Mr. Johnson regardless of who they are or who they work for. The only thing that matters is that they have a job and money for that jobs completion.

Wage Slave – This refers to someone that works for a corporation in a very low level position. They are in poor working conditions and normally are in dead end jobs. Sometimes these employees are given room and board.

Privileged Employees – Once the pay of a position is capped, the only thing a mega corp can give an employee is an expense budget. Privileged employees are granted room and board and a limited expense budget.

Full Expensed Employee – Because of the Act of Corporate Self Regulation there is a pay cap and the way the mega-corps got around this was to grant full expenses to a select few employees. These select few have an unlimited bank roll from the company they work for.

Common Terminology

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