Gord Jefferson

A rookie detective with a heart of gold forced to make tough decisions in a corrupt and unforgiving city.


George Donald Jefferson, nicknamed “Gord” is 6’4" with a medium build. He has dark green hair which he keeps closely cropped and lightly tinted green skin inherited from a distant and now forgotten orc ancestor. He is both honorable and believes in the concept of law and order.

Gord’s father George William Jefferson was a police detective who was killed in the line of duty when Gord was 10. His mother died of cancer years before and Gord has very few memories of her.

With no other known relations when his father died, Gord became a ward of the state. He grew up worshiping the memory of his father and dedicated his life to becoming a police detective as well. He excelled at school, college, and police training, but his aloofness and dedication to following rules spoiled many potential friendships. One major exception was the professor who taught his freshman comparative art class in college, a willowy elven woman named Borbala “Wheezy Babs” Wezelier. After class discussions led to tutoring sessions, which led to dinners and a close friendship that they maintained throughout his college career. He asked her to marry him on the day he graduated.

Shortly before graduating, Gord developed the ability to manipulate electricity with his thoughts. At Babs’ advice, Gord kept this ability secret. However, he has found it useful in his line of work — he keeps small high-energy capacitors attached to bracelets that he wears under his suit cuffs. He can quickly and discreetly discharge these capacitors to deliver a stunning jolt of electricity to opponents. He has become fairly good at hiding these jolts behind a punch, leading to him picking up the another nickname during police training: the one-hit wonder.

After police training, Gord was assigned to Davenport and Babs took on a job as curator of the local art museum there. They live together in a large apartment supported mainly by her income. Babs has a mild drug habit that she has managed to successfully hide from her husband to be. Being more than a hundred years older than Gord, Babs also has a long history of lovers from all races and genders, often juggling more than one a time. These lovers occasionally come back to haunt her, but she is currently very dedicated to Gord, who is the first she has ever agreed to marry. Being tied down to one person is a very new and occasionally vexing experience for her. Lately she’s been turning her drugs more than normal in an effort to cope.

Gord has a partner, a seasoned veteran detective named Harvey Bullock. Bullock, like most of the police force Gord has found himself serving, is highly corrupt. Both are a source of much consternation for Gord, who is having a very hard time dealing with a police force more interested in bribes than maintaining law and order.

Recently, Gord and Harvey have been investigating a string of murders where each person has a single organ removed — an eye, a tongue, an ear, a kidney, and so forth. Harvey has been advocating that they blame homeless or winos, but Gord has been poking his nose where he shouldn’t. Shortly after the last murder, Gord discovered that Harvey has been paid and ordered to pin the deaths on a small band of runners.

Gord Jefferson

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