The Fall of Goris

A ripple of energy strikes over the midnight sky of Goris and the normally tranquil city jarred awake by a soul sundering explosion. Barak Gearbreath, the head designer of the Beyond project, snapped awake as he impacted the floor. In a groggy haze, he climbed to his feet and instantly sobered at the sight of the main lab complex engulfed in flames outside his window. Even though this aged goblin’s heart had been replaced by a cybernetic one years ago, he could still feel the pain in his chest as he knew what might happen if he did not act. The fact that he was still breathing told him there was still time to save the city.

When Barak arrived, the emergency crews had already set up a perimeter. The fire squads were losing the battle against the blazing inferno and it would only get worse once the temperatures reached levels that the hydrogen storage tanks could not withstand. The Event Response Security personal barred him and others from getting closer to the main gate, as per protocol for this kind of event. Thankfully the fire was nowhere near the Delta section of the lab where his work was taking place, however if the fire got that far he knew the consequences would be apocalyptic, far worse than a few explosive chemicals igniting. The ERS teams were at best hired guns and not worth trying to explain the situation too. So, Barak decided to find another way to get to his lab before it was too late.

Barak was well compensated for his position and his new Urlaka R450 showed it. Getting behind the wheel he thought to himself, If I go fast enough, the auto turrets on the southern wall will not be able to get a good shot. He pulled out of his personal parking space and started to head to the southern side of the complex from the outside. If I hit the wall where the corridor is, I can avoid the computer lab and be right next to the Beyond project to shut it down. I just have to remember where it is from the outside.

On the other side of the T-intersection, Barak could make out the familiar iron bar fence of the complex. This was the last chance to change the plan, but he knew there was little time left. Flooring the accelerator, he charged forth, breaking down the fence. The R450 was one of the top-end two door sports cars and one of the fastest as well. However, the designers of this great vehicle did not test it going through a fence and off-roading across lawns. The once-pristine envy of every lab worker morphed painfully into a mangled mess as it charged across the grassy field, heading straight at the complex wall. Right on queue, the automated turrets mounted at the building corners sprung into action against the rapidly approaching intruder. When Barak finally reached the wall, the turrets had done their job well and his car was now filled with holes and the engine likely beyond repair.

Thankfully, the safety of the Urlaka was top-notch and aside from the laser wound in his leg from a lucky turret strike, he was still able to move. However, in the adrenaline-fueled approach, his aim had suffered and he found himself instead inside the computer lab for the project’s automated controls. Limping over the shattered remains of the servers, he concluded there was but one option to stop the Beyond project. He walked boldly past where the protective gear hung against the wall, to the air lock, knowing full well he didn’t have time to put it on. Once inside, he calmly closed the door and locked it.

His Beyond project was to be a revolution in the Orge creation process. It was to remove almost all the negative effects from the process and add revolutionary new enhancements. The work he had poured his soul into for so many years was cutting edge, but now he had to destroy it – every last drop – before it got out of containment. The samples he knew he was exposing himself to were defective, able to cause massive brain loss, yet not kill the host. He resolutely took the first of the five sample units and poured it into the neutralizing disposal chemical bath, watching as it drained into the containment vessel below the basin. He then repeated this with the second, then third sample. Barak recalled having had seen many of his subjects after they had been exposed. It always started with a simple headache a few hours later after only a brief exposure to the vapors. The newest test subject then grabbed for the fourth sample and his head began pounding with pain as everything started to go dark…

Sergeant Hern was the Directing Officer in a hover ship above the main gate coordinating with the rest of his team. “We need to go to Code 3, we are not winning this fight.” His copilot saw him pause for a few moments as he received a report.
“WHAT!? SOMEONE RAMMED THE SOUTHEN FENCE? ARE THEY FUCKING INSANE!?” he shouted into his headset. “FUCK THEM! THEY’RE DEAD ANYWAY! GET YOUR PEOPLE BACK, NOW!” Moments later, after the response teams were moved back, a secondary explosion lit up the sky.
“Is everyone out safe?”, he paused again, waiting for his team to check in. “Good, good. All we can do now is wait for it to burn itself out. Good job everyone, not much we could have done with this one.” Leaning back, happy that he had control of the situation again, he looked at his copilot, “Where is the med kit, I need something for this head ache.”

The Fall of Goris

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