The 13 Mega Corps

Mega Corps

At first the mega corps were just large corporations that were in a position of an economic monopoly. This proved to be a problem for the Global Representative Council and they started to seek ways to break them up or at least prevent them from exploiting the public. In 4134 the law offices of Manor, Tate, and Allbeard was able to successfully lobby the GRC to pass the Act of Corporate Self Regulation.

The intent was to empower these monopolies to regulate the industry at the cost of having caps on profit margin and pay so that the monopoly does not exploit their economic position onto the public.

In order of foundation date

4122 Cycorp – Cybernetics
4125 Blackmoor Security Services – Military, Security, and Weapons
4132 Amtrukus Logistic – Transportation and global logistic services and Energy
4134 Manor, Tate, and Allbeard – Law
4134 Banking Guild – Finance
4135 Global Food Services – Food Production
4134 Greenwell Medical – Heathcare and Pharmaceutical Production
4136 Dugdug Dynamics – Mining and Raw Resource Production
4136 Aerotech Industries – Vehicle Production
4137 Global Robotics – Robotics Mass Production
4137 Electrosoft – Entertainment and Software
4138 Giatic Conglomerate – R&D and Education
4141 Red Vegas – Sin Based Industries

The 13 Mega Corps

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