Smash and Grab

Type: Destruction
Employeer: Chipheads
Location: Grassy Fields Apartments
Timeframe: 1 week
Objective: These Sinner ass holes are pushing drugs on our turf, I am fed up with their bull shit. I need a team to go in and clean out those fuckers. The job is simple, go in kill the people that run the place. Feel free to grab any of their stuff as a bonus. Hell you can burn the place to the ground for all I care, as long as they get the message to stay off our turf.
Pay: 5,000

Status: Completed and Team Paid
Loot: 1500 credits

Details: Parr scouted out the location of the sinner gang. After a night of preparation the team when in guns blazing to take out the dealers. After a quick gun fight all of the Sinner’s were dead save one. The dead were left where they fell and the team burnt the word “Chipheads” into the wall.

Moral Choices: The team decided to kill the sole survivor of the shoot out by shoving the remaining drugs up his ass and letting him die from an overdose.

Political Results: Local area gangs along with the Sinners will be more cautious before moving in on the Chiphead‘s normal area of operations. The local news organizations didn’t even run a story on this event.

Heat: Law enforcement marked this as local gang violence in a poor section of town. Police did the obligatory evidence gathering and reports but based on previous cases of this type it will be filed away within a weeks.

Smash and Grab

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