Mitera Shaper Templates

Shaper Mediums

Fire: 0d
Water: 0d

With magic entering the world, the starting mediums have to be simple in type of element or energy like water, air, fire, light, or electricity. Things that are very generic to leave room for creative uses. Think avatar, the whitewolf game setting of magic the awakening, or full metal alchemist where the power is channeled though something external of the being and forcing your will into a substance and using that force of will to make it a tool or a weapon.


For now just to make it simple, all the races are like that of the normal D&D style in terms of look and personality with exception for Ogres. An Ogre is more like a super mutant from fallout (think a smaller version of Hulk). All the bonuses stack with the skill and stat, so a human with 2 mind ranks, 2 Knowledge ranks would have 5d for a Knowledge check.

- Human
Bonuses: +1 Knowledge
Penalties: None

- Ogre
Bonuses: +1 Body (so base max is 6), +1 Melee Attacks
Penalties: Sterile, -1 Mind (if you don’t buy rank 2 in mind you will be dead as your mind will be 0)

- Orc
Bonuses: +1 Melee Attacks, +1 Subtle
Penalties: -1 Use Technology

- Elf
Bonuses: +1 Movement, +1 Athletics
Penalties: -1 Melee Defense

- Goblin
Bonuses: +1 Crafting, +1 Subtle
Penalties: -1 Healing

- Dwarf
Bonuses: +1 Crafting, +1 Use Technology
Penalties: -1 Athletics

- Halfing
Bonuses: +1 Subtle, +1 Perception, +1 Athletics
Penalties: -1 Shaper Skills


Cybernetics can improve your character by improving your skills or stats. Your body stat will define how many cybernetic implants you can have, so if your body is 3 (before implants), you can have at most 3 implants. The implant bonuses also do not stack with each other.

- Body Implant
Bonus: +1 Body
Penalty: -2 to all Shaper Skills

- Mind Implant
Bonus: +1 Mind
Penalty: -2 to all Shaper Skills

- Skill Implant
Bonus: +2 (pick a non shaper skill)
Penalty: -1 to all Shaper skills

Mitera Shaper Templates

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