Manor, Tate, and Allbeard

Official Name: The Law Offices of Manor, Tate, and Allbeard
Nicknames: MTA, The Lawyers, Bloodsuckers, “Manwhore, Taint and Dingle Barry”
Founded: 4134
GSM Industries: Law

The Law Offices of Manor, Tate, and Allbeard was founded the day after the Act of Corporate Self Regulation was passed. The 3 biggest law firms of the world banded together to create this mega corp. On the same day the company was founded it also applied to be the first government sanctioned monopoly (GSM).

Over the next few years, MTA used is regulation powers to legally combat any competitors by placing regulation and audits. This legal assault effectively removed all market competition and any and all legal services are now done with MTA.

Every other GSM has an understanding with MTA and use their services to ensure the continued GSM status on their respective industries. MTA is the mediator of all monopoly boundaries as they are defined in the Act of Corporate Self Regulation.

Manor, Tate, and Allbeard

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