Dugdug Dynamics

Official Name: Dugdug Dynamics
Nicknames: Miners
Founded: 4102
GSM Status Obtained: 4136
GSM Industries: Mining and Raw Resource Production

Dugdug Dynamics started out as a very aggressive company using devious tactics and backdoor deals to have growth. Most view their rise to when they made a deal with what is now known as Aerotech Industries for raw materials. That with the help of the banking guild allowed them the capitol to purchase up the land to mine the required resources for the deal.

The Act of Corporate Self Regulation went largely unnoticed to Dugdug until the Global Representative Council tried to pass a law that would not allow them to replace workers with robotics freely. Richard Yarik, CEO at the time, negotiated a merger with 2 other major mining companies so that they would be able to apply for a GSM.

Richard Yarik died in 4137 and his son James Yarik now owns and runs the company. Six months later James declared that Dugdug and himself as a follower to the Beardo Warrior Code. The public saw this as just a publicity stunt but that changed as James took many steps to improve the working conditions and compensation for all of his employees.

Dugdug Dynamics

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