A Simple Deal

Type: Escort
Employeer: Mr. Johnson
Location: 4th Grand Park, East Road Pavilion
Timeframe: 3 AM 2 days from now,
Objective: I need a team to look tough and keep the peace in an arms deal. You will be escorting my representative to the meeting place with a shipment of weapons. The buyers will bring the cash and once the exchange is made you will be tasked to make sure the my representative gets out alive.

Pay: 3,000
Bonus: 5,000

Status: Completed and Team Paid

Details: This deal smelled funny from the start and once the deal was going down it turned sour fast. in the middle of the deal a shot was fired from the building across the way. The team quickly took out the gangsters save one.

Moral Choices: There were no moral choices, good or bad.

Political Results: None

Heat: Law enforcement marked this as local gang violence in a poor section of town. Police did the obligatory evidence gathering and reports but based on previous cases of this type it will be filed away within a weeks.

A Simple Deal

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