Parr Hunter


Mind 3 (0+10+20=30)
Body 2 0+10=10)
Spirit 2 (0+10=10)
Attack 2 (3+6=9)
Defend 3 (3+6+12=21)
HP 8
Perception 2 (1+2=3)
Subtle 4 (1+2+4+8=15)
Healing 2 (1+2=3)
Knowledge 5 (1+2+4+8=15) (Human Bonus)
Use Technology 2 (1+2=3)
CyCash 4700
Dice Pool 4
Character Points 16 Total Points Used: 30+10+10+9+21+3+15+3+15+3=119

2 years ago, Parr Hunter was one of the most respected researchers at Gaiatic University and thus, by proxy, the world. His field of expertise was evolutionary biology, and he had recently begun studying unicorns after their sudden appearance. Parr was one of the first to recognize their sentience and to call for citizenship rights for them. Well respected and well paid, Parr was living a good life.

Until the trip.

To this day Parr has no idea how he let himself be talked into it, but he decided attend a secret meeting of the Unicorn Freedom Organization (UFO), a group of militant unicorn rights activists dedicated to destroying Red Vegas unicorn horn farms and smuggling the unicorn slaves therein to freedom. The UFO were officially illegal, as their means were considered too extreme. Sure, if new unicorns happened to “appear” they would be welcomed, but officially, the UFO was outlawed. Parr still curses the day he went to that ill fated meeting.

But he also cherishes that day, because it was on that day that he met Helen Holly, the love of his life. How he admired her courage, her daring, her willingness to risk everything to save others! How proud she stood on that podium, how noble her speech, how flowing her mane, how glorious her horn! He had never thought about unicorns in that way before, although such parings weren’t unheard of in the years following the recognition of their citizenship. Sure, he had unicorn friends, even an apprentice who was a unicorn, but…. to love them, to desire them? That had never once crossed his mind until that day.

The rest of that day was a blur to Parr… Helen spoke and Parr drank the words. When she finished, he was the first in line to volunteer for the raid. Three weeks later rather than the conference he was supposed to go to, Parr found himself in a hoverjet flying low over jungle to a large unicorn farm on its edge, dressed to the nines in combat gear he barely knew how to use despite weeks of training. But Helen was there, and so he was there and that’s all there was to it.

And then it all went to shit. Ambush. Betrayal? They knew we were coming. The hoverjet shot down. Everyone dead. A halfling standing over him with a gun trained on his head. Then the halfling sprouts a horn from of his chest. Helen had saved him! The only survivors, somehow they escaped into the jungle. On the other side of the jungle: civilization. Freedom.

Three weeks they spent in that jungle and Parr remembers and cherishes every day. Every day living in fear of discovery, every day growing closer emotionally. Love blossomed, and the day they consummated their relationship—the day before they expected to reach the outskirts of civilized lands—was the most perfect day for Parr.

Then, somehow, they walked into an ambush. Tranquilizer darts for Helen, a net for Parr, and it was over, neat as you please. Laughing halflings melted out of the jungle, taunting Parr and discussing the reward for the horn of Helen, one of their most wanted criminals in a region where criminals reign. Parr watched in horror as they cut off her horn and left her to die. They didn’t care about him, they only wanted Helen Holly, scourge of Red Vegas. After what seemed like hours but was in fact barely seconds, Parr managed to get out of the net, but he already knew there was nothing he could do. She would suffer painfully for hours thrashing and bleeding strange glittery blood until she would die, too exhausted to fight the pain. It was the same with all unicorns when they lost their horns. He tried to save her… honestly, he tried, even though he knew it wasn’t enough, could never be enough.

He knew what he had to do, but still he tried, for more than an hour he tried, everything he knew. Finally, after seeing so much suffering, the madness in her eyes, he could take it no longer… he did what had to be done. She died by his hands, cradled in his arms, and something within him died as well. He wept until he passed out, and when he woke he wept again, right there over the most beautiful thing in the world, covered in her strange blood.

Parr cannot remember what happened after that. Months passed, but they meant nothing to Parr, a man who wanted only to forget. When he finally came to his senses and let go of his grief enough to live, he found he was living in Davenport, working as a mercenary under the handle of Woe and doing whatever odd jobs he could to scrape enough together to pay rent. He couldn’t go back to the University. He couldn’t go back to his old life. He couldn’t face the pain.

All that’s left for him is to survive… and kill every halfling he meets. Now he has another contract through a new fixer named Grim Tooth but to Parr it’s just another way to try to live with the pain.

Parr Hunter

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